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The Society of Professional Engineers has an expectation that all individuals registered as Professional Engineers and those aspiring to become registered Professional Engineers will deliver their services in accordance with the Society’s Code of Professional Conduct.

This reinforces the need for individuals to be aware of and maintain their currency in respect of;

  • developments within society
  • legislative change
  • research and innovation
  • materials and products
  • new technologies
  • processes and procedures

that are to be integrated and applied in meeting the needs of their clients.

The Society recognises that individuals on their register are likely to be members of one or more Professional Bodies each of which will have specified requirements in relation to Professional Development. These may specify the terms CPD – Continuing Professional Development or Lifelong Learning and their expectations in terms of the time dedicated to this process.

The Society does not seek to replicate or duplicate these processes and believes that individuals achieving the professional expectations of those bodies will also meet the expectations of the Society in terms of “Professional Currency”.

The Society will, however, support the activities of affiliated and collaborating organisations in the promotion and delivery as appropriate to further the goals of the individual and society at large.

Report on Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development Plan as a pdf